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"Great piece. The following lines struck me: My pillow knows my anxiety, I wanna isolate from this reality! "


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I wanna escape from this Reality

<p><em>I know I'm down,<br />Don't worry; I won't frown! <br />I know I am broken;<br />My patience has been stolen!<br />The walls of my room have heard my silent screams,<br />Broken are my dreams!<br />The Moonlight has seen tears rolling down my cheeks;<br />I have already seen many tricks!<br />My pillow knows my anxiety,<br />I wanna isolate from this reality! </em></p>

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<p>I appreciate you sharing this very personal poem with me.  I can sense your intensity and emotional commitment to your writing and that is the fist step towards becoming a true poet.  The poem also seems to come directly from your heart.  – Susan</p>