Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): UPS AND DOWNS

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In life full of up and down
I am trying to not to frown
Life will always be a mystery
But the key to it can still be found

I am not always optimistic
At least I am realistic
If everything was granted at a silver platter,
Will our life be better ?

Questions, Mysteries swirls in my mind
But many of them are undetermined
People hiding behind a fake smile
I am asking them are they fine

Why do you want to be savior
Of someone rather then yourself
Why to cut thyself
And then be brave and sound

We are born to die
Then why do we still not try
Try to live freely
By embracing yourself
Not discriminating oneself

The world's history is rustic
But it did taught me one thing
Life is short
And the world is wide
Stop worrying about the next slide

One can't be always positive
It's okay to think sometimes negative
If there isn't some misery
Then why would someone's life be a history

Do Live , Love , Laugh
Strive through rough and tough
You would survive through it
So don't quit !