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The same smiling girl
At night has eyes filled with tears
She would have nightmares
Which were filled with her fears
No one heard her silent plead
To help her when she was in need
As she fall deep in the dark hole
With no light left in her soul

No one saw the little girl
Who silently wept
As everyone cat called her fat
No one raised their voice
When they saw the boy getting bruised
No one could tell that at home he was abused

No one reacted on the snide remark
About her skin being dark
No one saw her smile dim
When they teased her being limp

No one saw her mental scars
As for them she was a beauty too far
They didn't care that their humorous joke
Made someone's heart break

As one says that life is not a twinkling star
Everyone has some scar
I think so it's far too true
That you don't know what it is in another shoe

So be happy if have someone by your side
As life is a hellish ride.