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A World Full Of Imagination

I dream to fly high ,

Within and far away in the sky ,

Far away from the web of lies ,

In the beautiful land where one never cries ,

My imagination soars so mighty ,

That sometimes I think to dream is my duty ,

That's what i think is natures beauty ,

I wish to run  ,

Far away where there is always fun ,

Where no one is ever threaten ,

Or Bullied or beaten ,

Where one is never frighten ,

I want my fantasy to be true ,

Where one can live in the world one drew ,

So splendid so new ,

I crave for the freedom to write ,

Where words are mightier than a mere fight ,

Where everywhere is just light ,

Where everything can be cured ,

And one is always assured ,

For now its just a fragment of my imagination ,

For now my ambition is my destination ,

Where All this is just a silly temptation ,

As this world is full of competition ,

So just let this be a vacation ,

From the world full of  aspiration .