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I responded to this poem. You did not send an email so the only way I can respond is through the chat room. I hope you get this. Susan


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Running to nothingness

<p>Run, run, run <br />With my vision blurred <br />Teary eyed<br />Run and hide in motion<br />Oh when did it all go sideways<br />My skin is intact and my insides are twisted<br />I'm arranged in disarray<br />I'll hold my lungs<br />And watch my legs crumble<br />And as I move<br />And hope to disappear<br />I'll do it all alone.</p>
<p><br />Wrote something after almost two years I think. I hope it's atleast an "okay" poem.</p>
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<p>So sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Been a hectic couple of days.</p>
<p>First, thank you for sharing your work with me.  Your poem, has a certain power to it – an edgy quality that I really like.  It is, I believe, more than an "OK" poem. </p>
<p>I do have a few suggestions for possible edits – see below:</p>
<p>Run, run, run (Is it "run" or "running"?)<br />With my vision blurred (vision blurred)<br />Teary eyed<br />Run and hide in motion (Don't know if you need "run" again – remember, that in poetry, less is more – if you can say something in two words – don't use four…)  (Perhaps the line might work as "hiding in motion…")<br />Oh when did it all go sideways ( can you find a quicker, more powerful way to say this – "falling sideways…")<br />My skin is intact and my insides are twisted ("Skin in tact    insides twisted)<br />I'm arranged in disarray (this is great! – but, do you need "I'm")<br />I'll hold my lungs ("holding my lungs")<br />And watch my legs crumble ("watching my legs crumble")<br />And as I move<br />And hope to disappear ("hoping to disappear")<br />I'll do it all alone. ("I'm doing it     alone")</p>
<p>You've said it all – and we feel what you're telling us – these suggestions (just suggestions – feel free to disregard) are intended to confine the poem to the rules of poetry.  Well done and again, thank you so much for sharing with me, Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>