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Before I let the words flow 

There's a ritual I follow or maybe     I don't 

I open up a book for the thoughts I am incapable of 

And I wonder if I am too selflish      a rat

eating and teething everything my new born teeth could find 

My hands too tiny, I might learn to  carry the wonders I am not 

If I learn to balance them on swords I will be strained a king 

   A kingdom built in vain 

Oh my, they lived in isolation though 

Enough and immaculate poets 


They have mastered the new tricks when I don't even know the old 

I am but a flower reflecting on the blackish damned dungeons 

Of hell, such a sorrow 

There's a cry in the faraway halls but no, 

No my spirit is not lost 


I won't shine I could not yet sailing through the motionless ocean 

 tints of gold 

I am not enough and yet I write 

 But maybe I don't 

Maybe,  maybe they are just whispers of I hold 


     As to why I write poetry,           when I am not enough