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<p>How lovely that you sent your thoughts about why you write poetry, in the form of poetry.  And, your words ring true and your poem has a lovely cadence to it.  You have, if I may say, a word that I am struggling with.  "I write because I have lost 'somewhere.'"  Did you mean "somewhere" or did you mean "something."  Please let me know because I may want to feature your response later in the week on Instagram and here on my site.  Thank you so very much for sharing your thoughts and meaningful poem with me.  – Susan</p>


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Why I write poems?

<p><strong>Confession </strong></p>
<p>I write to mirror myself, </p>
<p>I write to fall in love, </p>
<p>I write to heal my wounds, </p>
<p>I write to visit the beautiful heaven where my imagination trods,</p>
<p>I write to stand up, </p>
<p>I write to adjust, </p>
<p>I write because I need to know who I am,</p>
<p>I write for neutrality, </p>
<p>I write because I have lost somewhere, </p>
<p>And  I am writing for a soul to soul communication,</p>
<p>As writing is expansion,</p>
<p>Expansion is delightful, </p>
<p>Hence, I write poems ❤ </p>
<p> </p>