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A lily for a life

once upon a night, when you were sleeping in my arms
i sniffed the intoxicating smell of your hair and sighed in love
a lily tied to your silky golden locks, adding to its charm
I plucked it softly and placed it in my wallet for fun.
And today when I pay my bills of sins, disgust and hate
your dried lily, with its fresh smell hits me on my face
and I remember how it was to roam in your city, be your taste
cause today heartbreaks apart i still secure a part of your maze.
I am a lost and broken puzzle piece, do I fit anymore or not is secondary
I wander hearts and bodies without knowing what I desire
am I looking for a home, a place to mark my territory
so I sob in misery, confusion, the lily wet with my pleas.
they said “blood is thicker than water”, leave them in a desert
I am a traveller, without destination, without journey, irony ruling my hours
now im in the arms of death, without water but the lily buried along in the dust
cause the lily was a part of you, somewhere i belonged in my life, and death doesn't hurt.