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the initials of your pretty name
are engraved in places of my body you can't see
they hurt sometimes, withering like weeds screaming for your touch as a tonic
but all I can do is starve myself to sleep.
i can only imagine you sleeping beside me
the other end of my bed space less with my shelled fantasies
and my dreams always involve you
but you wouldn't know, what and how it is to be so lonely.
my body aches for your touch
it's a validation that it was worth the wait
but all i get is a half smile and a stare across the hall
words unspoken, lie between like broken glass on the dance floor.
the only thoughts haunt my mind in the morning
do you think about me like I do about every night
you're not my morning dream, they say they come true
i wanna be yours, but you're too reluctant to even talk to.
maybe ill assume shooting stars are just planes across the sky
so that way ill have something to blame for my misery and fate
and I'll try convincing my stupid heart, who leaps when you're in vicinity
that to love is to get hurt, my feelings just a euphemism for getting hurt.