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Aiswariya Mohanty

Love in The Lap of Serenity

Walking through the woods, as the chilly wind meandered through her strands, mesmerised was he, to see her alluring beauty,

With their fingers intertwined, they kept walking deeper and deeper into the forest, as the trees kept swaying with a rhythm of their own,

With a gentle hold of her chin, he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, to see thousands of emotions reflecting in her eyes.

Lost in the woods were they, totally engulfed in each other’s love, far from the chaotic world,

And as her twinkling eyes looked into his, he held onto her waist ever so lovingly,

With a glint of mischief in her eyes, she pushed him and escaped from his embrace, making him chuckle at herplayfulness,

Letting her go, he kept staring at her, admiring her beautiful form shimmering in the moonlight,

Her giggles resonated rhythmically like the tinkling of the bells, thus brimming his heart with immense love and adoration for her,

Chasing her along the river bank, with her melodious laughter filling up the atmosphere, he got twirled her around as he caught hold of her waist,

How happy and ecstatic was she, for being in her love’s arms, as he kept whispering sweet nothings to her, thus making her laugh rapturously,

Gently clasping each other’s hand, they sat by the river bank, with serenity abound in their gentle hold,

“Will you love me like this forever?”, she whispered.

Taking her in his warm embrace, “Forever!”, he whispered back, his voice laced with utmost love and sincerity.

– Krishnashriya