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Life in the woods

  1. In the woods
    there she stood
    helpless as it seemed
    she looks so scared
    she looks so fierce
    the life of her child
    was which she worried
    she became so strong
    she became so wild
    but nothing could make the little deer smile
    eyes showed the pain she had
    limbs showed the wounds she had
    the roar of the tiger
    is what she feared
    from a far came an additional roar
    which made the mother's heart go sore
    she looked at the trees
    and then looked at the flowers
    saying this she closed her eyes
    this is how i bid goodbye
    dear child you go far away
    have some fun and live your days
    no matter how bad it looks
    this woodland is your only roof
    during the day u see the sun
    the race for life has just begun
    don't be swift n slow in the run
    cause what's done can't be undone
    at night you see the stars
    see the flowers n see the scars
    the chirping birds will make you relax
    the ducks will help u sleep with quacks
    within a moment the baby ran away
    that's when the mother passed away
    this is how a day ends in the woods
    but still they continue their livelihood.