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Memories last forever…

The Identity of the Palace

Born with our home sweet home;

Silent but witness in and around;

Symbol of hope and rebirth;

Part of every memories belonging here;

The Giant Mango tree

Standing upstraight in front

To welcome every head;

The Green blanket it provides

 warmth and care;

Vibrant ambience as well.

The thick long heads of green on all sides;

Holding bunch of mangoes;

Like a father holding his children 

Made the people wonder.

Made the palace special

With fest every year.

The Yama as whirlwind and Tempest

At last took its breath

Shadow of birth;

As every blood and flesh

Destined to succumb no matter how.

Nothing unreal-

But a great loss.

The ultimate truth hit it hard,

Left an indelible mark on every heart;

Oh God! May its soul rest in peace forever……