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A Delightful weather

A Delightful Weather 

It is such a delightful weather

making me feel so cheerful

and as light as a feather,

waving of the trees with the breeze

marking the beginning of rain

a rainy day, a joyful day,

creating hopes on a beautiful day.

Inhaling the smell so sweet 

and exhaling all the worries 

feeling the tiny little drops

falling on my hand 

I look above and wonder,

how mesmerizing the sky looks!

A day filled with thoughts

carrying me in a different world 

where everything seems so unbelievable,

with the sound of rain,

with the chirping of birds,

my heart is singing

enjoying the weather with all my heart,

I look around and wonder 

what a pleasant and delightful day it looks!

-Rabani Kaur