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East meets west

unknown friend travelled all long from east with the sun and sets in the west.

I met a traveller from an antique land lost herself  own world.

She brought the sunshine from the east for the west to shine more brighter than she thought

And poised herself for me i guess

God has sent her what all was same in us to show

you won’t know why, and you can’t say how 

Such change upon you came, 

But – once you have sat and shared your life to eachother

You’ll never be quite the same

Few days passed by-

One day suddenly she sat beside me

And i was unknowingly uttering shattering

And was not stopping by,

She was kept her eyes on me and slowly gradually she started starring at me…

I asked her what is it all about..

She just kept quite and said i am at ease.

That day she went and what the thought she got in her mind

She never told to me..

where she already has kick started with it

I was asked to describe in few lines…

But my pages where almost getting filled with ink everyday

And she said me this is just a start not enough for book to go

Take your time i am writing too..

Now you have become my poetry

Dont let me down

We started our journey as amity to make it fest

Let now world judge our benevolence

and see how east met west.