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Blue Jeans

Blue Jeans
I owned a pair of Levi's jeans
was wearing'em when I heard the news
It was as if the world shifted from under my feet
Tears became a natural thing

It was a bit worn out at the ends
threads loosened, liked it that way
it was the last memory I was going to have of you
since you were drifting away, everyday..

The doctors said this was your last week
You're trying hard to stay strong
but I know you're drowning like me
How am I supposed to live without the person worth living for?

All of us are here
dad, brother, everyone
But why does it feel like I'm still alone
when everybody's there, supporting us

The time has almost come
to say goodbye
I'm wearing the blue jeans
you see me and we both start to cry..

I hold your hand as you take your final breaths
everyone already missing you
& then you turn towards me, smiling and say
“Live like crazy, & take care of my blue jeans”

~ Kavya Chopra