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Amour Propre

Viability not always remains with you and sometimes you have to get over it.

Sometimes you have to get over the scenes that long before you used to knit.

For everytime you can't be Perfect and you can't be a Chevalier everytime,

Out of ire, you think yourself to be worst and waste; Isn't that a crime?


Let me tell you without beating around the bush.

Let me get to the point and give you a push.

The push towards letting you know,

Of times at when, loving yourself was a vow.


You were your own saviour and you loved yourself well 

When did the things went wrong? Can't you tell?

Yes, you have your point of everyone not able to comprehend you.

Yes, you have your point of everyone criticizing you all through.


But even if you won't take a stand, how will your soul survive?

But even when you don't lend a hand, how will your prosperity thrive?

Becoming flagellant by hating yourself and eating up what's inside you,

Will render you only in pain even when you try to enjoy the new!


Here's a piece of advice which I should have given to my younger self,

Telling it to you, to save someone from hating themselves.

Loving yourself has its own definition, to be true,

And finding yours, is your work to do.


Those who don't care, to them your state won't matter,

Remember everyone has their own way to walk after the chatter.

Love, value and appreciate yourself, enjoying every achievement of yours,

And let the poem be ended on the note that self-love has multifarious cures.