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Someday I want to be

I want to be the reason for your happiness

I want to be the reason behind your smile

Someday I want to be your life.


The moon knows what I am thinking

The stars look at me all night, winking.

I still stare at the emptiness of the ceiling,

with a head full of memories so appealing.


Someday I want to stand close by you,

holding your hands and hugging you with my nose buried in your chest.

I want to give the shoulder where you can rest,

I want to become the person whom you can trust


Perfect love is always imperfect

I want us to have fights and sleepless nights

There will be days you feel betrayed

There will be times you have to cry alone


Let new love blossom between us.

Let our fights end with innocent words

and when it happens, we finally realize

that love is not what we idealize.

It is that respect, acceptance, and trust

in which we find the just.