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Anew, yet in doom!

Anew, yet in doom!

Pious patina of life’s passion,

In shades of worries & wonders;

Finds fullness, in nature’s casket,

Kissing the crest, heaven anigh.

Am that gale of monsoon, O greeting golden grains,

In the camouflage of dazzle, from camellia to camomile;

Smearing fragrance exotic, or colours decked bright,

Painting thoughts in this clouds, as if an artist were I.

In the bosom of mine bower, blushes cherries as red wine,

& robins, in disguise, art announcing endless love;

From thickets, even hosting lil’ cicadas at choir,

Inking tales, am immersed, in divine idle pleasure.

Vagabond in the vales, I indulge in brewing beauty

Luring mine soul with the bird of paradise;

In iris, I imbibe idyllic passion,

Imitating the tale of immortal insight.

Beyond flaws, beyond doubts, beyond spheres of existence-

Inebriated mine soul, by shades of wondrous horizon;

Which fountain the fashion of unfathomable creation,

Letting dive into the blossoms, anew yet in doom.