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<p>Thank you for sending.  There are some beautiful moments in your poem.  You have used alliteration – almost to perfection, in some instances.  "In the camouflage of dazzle, from camellia to camomile;"  "Pious patina of life’s passion, / In shades of worries & wonders;"</p>
<p>I am truly impressed with the way you articulate your way through the poem – English I presume, is a second language – and yet, you manage to use it very well to express yourself through the art of poetry.  There are some moments when I stumble over the wording but, having said that, your poem is really very, very good.  I will definitely consider it for the week of March 4th when my theme (and now you know before anyone else) will be "The Moods of March."  I am very impressed with your poetic skills. </p>
<p>May I suggest you go through your poem and look for moments when the poem could be edited a bit – taking out a word here or there and, checking the grammatical implications of words and word combinations.  A poem is always a work in progress.</p>
<p>Thank you so much for sharing, Susan</p>
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Original Post by RG983

Anew, yet in doom!

<p>Anew, yet in doom!</p>
<p>Pious patina of life’s passion,</p>
<p>In shades of worries & wonders;</p>
<p>Finds fullness, in nature’s casket,</p>
<p>Kissing the crest, heaven anigh.</p>
<p>Am that gale of monsoon, O greeting golden grains,</p>
<p>In the camouflage of dazzle, from camellia to camomile;</p>
<p>Smearing fragrance exotic, or colours decked bright,</p>
<p>Painting thoughts in this clouds, as if an artist were I.</p>
<p>In the bosom of mine bower, blushes cherries as red wine,</p>
<p>& robins, in disguise, art announcing endless love;</p>
<p>From thickets, even hosting lil’ cicadas at choir,</p>
<p>Inking tales, am immersed, in divine idle pleasure.</p>
<p>Vagabond in the vales, I indulge in brewing beauty</p>
<p>Luring mine soul with the bird of paradise;</p>
<p>In iris, I imbibe idyllic passion,</p>
<p>Imitating the tale of immortal insight.</p>
<p>Beyond flaws, beyond doubts, beyond spheres of existence-</p>
<p>Inebriated mine soul, by shades of wondrous horizon;</p>
<p>Which fountain the fashion of unfathomable creation,</p>
<p>Letting dive into the blossoms, anew yet in doom.</p>
<p style="text-align: left;">R.G.</p>
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