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The blue sky

with a hue of lilac

and the sun shone 

behind the white

touched by the 

shades of grey

which drove me away

amidst the birds &

told me that I'm

one of them to

free fly and to race

with the wind

to scare the storm

and to hug the breeze

to be the light

and to shimmer 

like fireworks 

on the new year's Eve

when they told me

'we can't know better;

until knowing better is useless'

and age is a human concept

for your spiriis are eternal

and your soul is timeless

and they drove me back

to my terrace where

I was daydreaming

drenched by the drizzles

so I wrote this piece of art

which was nothing

infront of what I saw

up above so

I inked it with my love.