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Tell me Baby Boo

Tell me dear, 

Am i too different to be understood?

Or you just don't see those dry stained tears;

Oh baby, would you mind me being weak?

Or you are always that goodie goodie types;

I cry too often and laugh out loud,

Will you accept that wild me?

Or you're always that cheer up please?

I am very deep, deeper than the oceans,

Are you sure to dive into its depth?

I don't consume those drug meds

I need to be given constant dozes of

Hugs, kisses and chocolates;

Are you ready to be my nurse, say? 

I'll stay up late and speak to ghosts

Will you hide under the sheets

Or be a host?

I can be a matured grandma

And an innocent toddler at the same time,

Will you be able to pamper?

I'll scold you, love you, 

hit you and comfort you

So, tell me darling will you distinguish

my rage and heat the coldness?

Don't worry i'll break the ice,

But will you melt it away?

I am an unpredictable weirdo,

Will you in tune into the weirdness

Or you'll unrecognize me in public?

I'm a slow poison and a deadly beast

I might kill you and eat all your sorrows away

Are you sure? You'll get addicted.

I get lost easily, will you come and find me out?

I'm a different world, it has lots of whys

And why nots, will you be my citizen?

I'm a place where there are no greys and humans,

But only souls and butterflies

With translucent wings of angels

Will you be my frequent visitor?

I'm a bank full of endless questions,

Will you be able to pay the debt?

Tell me. Show me baby boo.