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You were a Liar

You were a liar

when you held my hand

and kissed it subtly.

Your lips lied swallowing all the pain inside

pressed behind the dry walls of your throat.

You lied every night

holding me in your arms,

becoming something you were not at all.

All you said that you were fine-

bewitched your own hazel eyes

to not reflect the pain which

you hid inside your stiff ribs.

I didn't know,

How you suffered every night?

And found every single peice of yourself

only to make a complete new shining you

coated with sweet syrup and blunt eyes.


Now, I'm close enough to see 

crystal clear all the gaping wounds

stretched over your body.

You tried stitching them- 

behind every lie

All I knew before

You were a liar!

You were only a liar.

Planting deep seeds of secrets,

now I know the real you were

lonely: the scars which burnt

inside of you and expanded until you

were a deserted little secret, isolated

in your own experiences but;

You lied about the wreakage,

In those fake knight armour suit 

blinding me, as if it was unrequited love.

So now come a lil closer, reveal —

'Let me heal you honey'

I'll get rid of the salts.

Let your soul sing in the shower…

as I be the ointment to your lies.