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The trees are so excited,

Blowing the leaves in a waltz,

They look like they are dying by falling,

But it is a begining to their new journey!


They are bound to the tree,

A new tranquil to ease the minds,

Even if they suddenly change their way,

To a far away land, they take a nap beside the singing lake!


Falling does not mean failing,

It paves a way to a new adventure,

To explore in their fluterring youth,

A stroll to mingle with foe and friends!


The skies are so wide,

That it stares at the falling leaves,

In jealous and bewilderment from afar,

Unable to join with the waltzing wings!


There she goes in her own way,

Separating from her honest friend,

Who had spent his life guarding her,

To set her off in a new journey!

– Swetha.