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Broken Friendship

We said it was forever – said we'd never part,

I knew it was a line, but I still gave both of you my heart.


Said you would stay, promised you could.

You chose to walk away, I knew you would.


You're not there anymore, my dearest friends.

I hate to say this, but it is our end.


By day you're one person, by night another.

Neither of them have anything to do with each other.


I sit here and cry for you – not for me,

What you've become, I wish you could see.


In your life you make friends that you're sure are true,

Nothing else matters, except what's between them and you.


You don't know if anyone has ever before felt this way,

For them you took breaths; you wanted to be alive every day.


It hurts to lose a friend; it gives you the saddest frown,

And when a second one bails, it's like getting kicked while you're down.


And it hurts to be accused of something you didn't do

You guys should know better than anyone that I would never even think to.


You planted a knife in my back.

You were my life, but now, my memories of you are completely black.


I am afraid to love another, but I know I shouldn't be,

Because the people in my life are perfect for me.


There is this game I play,

Where I close my eyes and fade away.


I can't believe it's true,

but in this place, I can't even remember that I loved you.


You can't that's already done