Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): Chasing butterflies.

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Chasing butterflies.

With dry days, with heat waves of june I write,                                      with all the deja vu, I write you this invite,
Bring along some joy and some surprise
We would greet, chasing our own butterflies.

Let's talk, talk all through the night
and chase the dawn before it gets bright.
With barefoot and with the glow in our eyes,
We would run, chasing our own butterflies.

Be it our good times or be it a big fight,
Never could I, never would I keep you out of my sight.
Under our own clouds, under our own skies,
We would dance and dance chasing our own butterflies.

Listening to our heart when things won't get right,
We got to hold ourselves, hold really tight.
To all the laughters and to all the cries,
We would laugh again, chasing our own butterflies.

There will be dark again and there will be again light,
The sea will again be calm and all quite.
Yet after all the farewells and all the goodbyes,
We would meet again, chasing our own butterflies.