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Forget me not
Forget me not as I try to put pieces together
or when I get lost in its jigsaw puzzle
trying to see the bigger picture.
No, don't pull me out from the unknown island,
I still have to learn how to use my inbuilt compass.

Forget me not
I have to pursue love, create courage
to face the perils of life
to be able to stand eye to eye with its tempest.
No, don't offer me your hand yet-
I need to first see my shadows
heal the wounds and redefine the scars.

Forget me not
as I try to mend my path
amidst the chaos and devils.
No, don't shout my name yet-
I still have to know my purpose
being here on stage.
I'm that namless generation
with fake enthusiasm in a hope
I'll make it there soon,
by that time, forget me not.

Forget me not
Remember me in every flaws I made,
in those attempts of
not leaving any stones unturned.
No, don't stop admiring that grin
remember me when
I poured salts from my eyes
and lied transfixed in your lap.
I hope you forget me not as
I'm still learning to subside my rage.

Forget me not-
see it as an reasonable request,
there's still half way left, up the hill.
Please don't go,
I'm about to conquer my demons
I'll hug you again, soon.
No, don't call me victorious
I'm re-evaluating this new found glory
meanwhile forget me not.
Forget me not.