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A Toska…

Black was the tongue that tied across the 

lullaby you last sang. I hoped to meet you 

across the heavens and now the cold creeps

up my arm. For loud screamed those silver bells

you left behind to chime. And now in blacks I

hope to thrive to the melodies you left aside. 


Was it the time, the four words I refused to 

whisper back that kept your scent to linger by? 

Or was it the jewelry I never wore to keep it

next to my heart? Oh dear, wouldn't I walk a

million miles if it was next to you that I could 

find… My dear, wouldn't I try a thousand more? 


And for them could I leave my golds and silvers.

And for them would I part myself a thousand ways.

And for them could I plead till the throats run dry.

Dark were the nights I ran in threads to meet. 

the shadows that left. Was it happiness that they 

dreaded and wished to drain me of? 


Was it twenty seconds or twenty weeks, to stand

in avar, with broken smiles and promises?

To return to places that aren't cynefins.

To feel the vacant gazes and the empty hopes

Was this, my love, a “forever”? 

And now my dear, now I let you go……