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Smelling fresh flowers, every other day,
Spreading a smile, with the sun’s each ray.
Wish I could just, see the sky again,
And dance happily, in the soothing rain.
Waiting and waiting, for that one time,
When I’d be free, and hear the wind chyme.
But suddenly, reason takes over,
And reminds me, that my spirits I should lower.
Because freedom is, far from my reach,
And it all began, with that awful beach.
It made me a prisoner, in my own mind,
I want to wake up, but many strings just bind.
Forcing me to stay, still and calm,
Promising it wouldn’t do any harm.
I just remember, that last day,
When there was a bullet, and I got in the way.
Am I alive? I ask my heart,
It says yes, and I begin right from the start.
That day I awoke, fresh and bright,
As I thought I’d be seeing, Hawaii and its light.
We decided to go, first to a beach,
I just want that day, to apply brakes with a screech.
And stop my car, from reaching there,
And then stop my life, to turn into a dare.
But it doesn’t, as for no one does time care,
For a moment I’m just happy, to breathe fresh air.
Then they come, and I watch them approach,
I thought they’d play football, and there’d be a coach.
How would I’ve known, that the bumps in every shirt,
Would be guns, which will surely hurt.
After an hour, lying in the sun,
I get up, to eat a good bun.
Were they just waiting, for me to get up,
And for me to approach, my coffee cup.
I don’t know, and will never figure out,
As they didn’t give time, for me to even shout.
That first bullet, went right through my arm,
And I imagined they wouldn’t, do any more harm.
But the next went, straight to the heart,
And it stopped beating, like someone pulled my life’s cart.
But it was revived, and they forced me to live,
A life of darkness, with meds that they give.
I can’t move, even my eyes,
And all those hopes, are just white lies.
Maybe someday, mercy would be done,
And I would be able, to again see the sun.
Everyone’s sobbing, and waiting for me,
They’ll be happy, if some movement they’ll see.
But they won’t, of that I’m aware,
‘Coz someone just came, to give me some care,
And take me, they say somewhere,
Where life for me, would no longer be a dare….. 
Anushka Sharma
Instagram: inkyquillscribblings_