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Bells have rung,

Sun  now sets,

Fades into the orange depths

Cries I hear, silent roars

Whispers brutal fill my core.


It’s the heart, you must know

Groaning pain it went through

No sounds, mouth shut

Didn’t let them hear

Being the smile they would want to cheer

Will they buy this façade?

Or will barge in asking questions sour


O’ you the friend

Who could just see

Things I should not to the bees

Even though I tried to keep

Worries that would otherwise peep

But that simply gorgeous slip

Did let you know my secret scars

Did let you know that teary part


Since you left for the open road

To a big man in the mortal dorm

To carve your name in the wild storm

To be the kid your mum would want

I know you cried, and I did too

Treacherous world parted us in two.


I still remember those cute days

My stupid jokes, and your laughing face

Hours of talk, and those summer race

How I would beat you in your games


Oh so far we’ve come along

Distances between us have so much grown

Now I sit with memories frail

Penning voices, cannot inhale

O’ heavenly string hold us close

Let these tear drops fuel you more.

                                                              -Mohammad Owais