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Demon Soul

He now rather FIERCELY tried erasing it and almost monstrously,


His towering RAGE was

burning so hot, 

Now he wants to COVER it up!

He knows it!


With that Eraser literally crying! 

That man was a wild DRAGON that moment!


But he wasn't able to ERASE it


But that furious man who just looked like as if he was Burning with an 

ANGRY Flame so furiously, 

tried again more WILDLY,



The white paper began to have a bit of a BLACKISH tinge about it


It looked like as if that had been erased but it wasn't erased 


And in the midst of that marvelous crowd of the eraser shavings, the Eraser was slowly CONTRACTING


Finally, he could not erase it and could not do anything about it


As GUILT wouldn't erase off that easily!