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Battle Of the Beans

Sitting Cold in a Perfectly shaped Black Beanbag with a dilemma, 

That teenster was struck with indecisiveness And Horror,

His dry lips parted in a sigh,

He was tensed like anything!

He switched on his Fan

As the fan swiveled its way through the room, 

Multicolored lights from the chandelier fell on him 

And his long hair began frolicking tremendously over his face,

He was pretty sure that he wouldn't get caught after he did that,

anyways if he got caught he had devised up a perfect cover-up

He thought, that behind this Naive Blackish BROWN Face of his, 

he was a MadMan

“We all go mad at times”, he said to convince himself and to push himself to do that

He pondered Over and Over behind his tensed Acne-prone face as he sat in a rather uncomfortable position over his Black Beanbag, 




Even though he was tensed


He was strangely joyed and amused by the very prospect of doing that 

That would make him Cool he thought!


For he was nothing but thrilled to do that

“Just One single time!?,” he thought, “there's nothing wrong with it”…


He knew that he was not a Cold Psycho!

But, It simply gave him chills to even think of doing that

It would give him some PLEASURE and Happiness from his 

Dark and Devastating life


As he rapidly shifted sideways here and there about his beanbag to give himself a comfortable posture,

The black leather got more Pressurised


And now, 

As he fiercely emerged 

From his Black BeanBag,


He switched Off his fan,

went off his room


He had finally decided to do that!


And now the room was empty, 

Silent and Motionless,


Everything was the same as it was before the time he had entered that room,


Except for the fact that now white balls were lying around the Beanbag, And the Beanbag was no less than a popped Up Balloon!