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Eternal Love

I was like a speck of dust,

In this vast old universe

Would have been left all alone,

 In the dungeons of Howling Souls

Until she showed up as an angel,

Sent by my first love

And brought me up,

Yes! She brought me up.


As time seemed to pass by,

Like the calm breeze in the sky,

I forgot ‘bout her tender love,

And turned towards worldly lusts

But then she showed up as a Saviour,

Sent by my first love.

And straightened my,

crooked path


I was always dispirited,

And pondered ‘bout future bread

Until she showed up as my Mother,

Sent by my Loving Lord

And lifted up,

My forlorn soul


I am writing this piece of love,

With tears running down my eyes

I don't know what would've been of me

If you hadn't been,

Half of me.


My thoughts are acting like a dagger,

 With the brain being an open wound,

It’s’ asking what would you be,

When your third love, would meet the first?

What will be your state of mind?

When the guiding moon will not be there to shine


With the ring of questions constricting,

My Heart trembled, body shuddered.

Then the Glorious one guided me,

To never leave his righteous way,

To remember his good Slave's life

And live this life for the other world.



by:- Mohammad Owais