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Melting moon in love

Hy moon you are king and your love is queen,

You have given a huge palace to your queen;

Thy head is shining with star's crown,

You are truly crazy in love;you can rob the world,


Your love that veils thy stain,

The watcher only sees the moonlight.

You steal the sun's light for the moonlight.

Both are incomplete without each other,


You are a witness to love,

Everyone sees your love in your face.

How lucky and clever you are,

Enjoy the view that no one can see.


Hide in the clouds and see Lovebirds,

And steals the drops of love and gives them to the moonlight,

You get so immersed in the love of moonlight;

Start melting and falling on the earth.


I have seen millions of lover but never seen like you,

Teaches the world how to forget yourself in love,

Bathe the night with your love,

Your love touches horizon in night.


– by Sushmita Sharma