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Finding myself ( Why I write poetry)

I write a lot,
And try to convey
Those emotions in words
Which I may never say.

It just takes that poetic eye,
And a poetic soul, and a poetic mind
To decipher and unscramble those lines,
And read the feelings,
From those metaphoric signs.

The quill bleeds each day,
“The day was nothing but same,
The day wasted, maybe I am to blame…
What is to be done now?- the question which arises.
Am I, distancing myself, from those lovely prizes?”

The pen writes words,
And the paper attends scenes.
Those petty life segments,
Which I narrate with peace.

It never tells me what to do,
And maybe that is what I want
It couldn't tell me where I went wrong,
Maybe that is what I sought.

Want to vent it all out,
Want to escape the world
N' confide into those bindings,
Of those clueless papers.

It's not that I am lonely,
Or have no one to confide,
But those emotions of my spirit,
No human can suffice.