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Gaurang Joshi




It’s been a long time,

We haven’t been able to meet.

I miss those long hugs, kisses,

And those: “Text me when you reach!”.

Though those long video calls showed me your face,

The Aura around you is what I need!


I can’t believe this one-week quarantine torture turned into forever,

In every morning prayer, I wish you were here.

I miss playing with your hair,

That smile of yours and your care.

Though the roots of our relationship are longer than the distance between us,

You’re so far away from me, and that’s really unfair!


I want to watch you put your 24K smile,

Holding you in my arms,

I want to kiss those Glossy Lips,

And feel that charm.

I want to make you Maggie,

Just the way you’d want.

It feels long ago, life was so fruitious,

And this Pandemic made it an unsettling Storm.


I wish I would have hugged you tighter,

The last time I saw you.

Anything I’d face,

I know I had YOU!

I hate my destiny for the way you LEFT……

For now, I only can hug you in my Dreams,

Cause the departure of your soul has left me Bereft.


It’s been a long time,

We haven’t been able to meet,

After you’ve passed away,

I have never felt Complete.

Loving in the times of Corona,

I’ve lost my love!

I hate my Destiny

I hope you’re safe up above!