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My muse- not mine

My muse- not mine
The writer sips on tea too sweet
While a faint-running river hums
For a brief second, he stops dancing-
tangled in discomfort of not yet
being an artist

In the distinct woods nearby
the sound you could never miss-
the fairy singing a song –
She could be he or he could be she
Or maybe they- my beloved fairy-
is the magic you never give justice

six or seven sonnets
you meld and tore the force of nature
shaped my saviour into sunshine-
switched songs to lies of steaming joy

But my angel was the main character
violent thunder with green-blue eyes
a bundle of hidden flaws-
Still wish you didn't see, I begged eternally
for the muse wasn't forever mine- 
without a goodbye-  my no one's muse 
washed away in another seashore tide