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Open sky, but I felt trapped.

Never asked 'why?' but I still lived like that. 

Stars and comets were my favorite view, 

Don't ask how I saw them even when I was trapped in a room. 

I used to cheer whenever clouds showered, 

It felt like my innocence was again powered. 

It was blissful doom, 

Don't ask how I felt it even when I was trapped in a room. 

But it all crashed when I opened my eyes, 

I saw my mind has fabricated beautiful lies. 

But it wasn't his fault that I gave into temptation, 

I was very young when I started loving hallucinations. 

I was beaten and bruised as the demon ruined my muse, 

I still felt heaven in the morning dues. 

The view made my heart swoon, 

Don't ask how I knew it even when I was trapped in a room. 

So, I learned how to accept temptation 

Because that is what kept me alive, 

My hallucinations.