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Happiness is indeed heartfelt! Monisha Batra

Someone rightly said, happiness cannot be bought by money.. 

It is eternal and heartfelt, whether the sky is hazy or sunny .


He lived in a small temporary room with his family of five.. 

He made flower garlands and sold them to neighbourhood shops all his life.. 

What got that zeal in him to strive? 

It was the sparkle in the eyes of the kids, which was the catalyst for this drive. 


Ensuring the children went to school and studied .. 

Working long hours, tired only to see them content and not worried.. 


That priceless feeling of satisfaction. 

That choked throat full of affection. 

Never did he feel sad or pained by any circumstance.. 

For him, each sunrise, gave him a hope and a beautiful new chance. 

His positivity is an epitome of determination and resilience.. 

His purity of smile at all times, despite all odds is a living proof of contentment. 

Life is a beautiful journey, it should be explored without any resentment.