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Far Far Away

Yesterday I wished I had wings,
To take me on a path to bliss,
Hunting a serene glee of the trees,
Losing feathers, chasing dreams.

Glee of the trees as they fill,
Birds, flowers and bees until,
Kindness mounts up a hill,
My heart that's otherwise evil.

And then I'd board that yacht,
At that new shore, now a dot,
Across waves and tides I'll trot,
Far, far away, is my hide-out.

Where Sun slept a wild darkness,
Where moon left a drowsy mess,
The cotton clouds knew even less,
Where their lost rains progress.

Let my birds here sing around,
And the bees buzz about,
Beyond sand and time I'll trot,
Far, far away is my hide out.

I'll wake up to a golden Lyre,
As I adorn it's notes, I desire,
Trusted hands that never tire,
Mystic ones I'd hire to inspire.

My inner thoughts are out loud,
A land full of hope! So I thought,
Past alley-ways and valleys I'll trot,
Far, farther away, is my hide out.