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I've grown so much fucking numb,
Yet still kinda feel this terrible pain,
How many times I tried to heal but
all those efforts went in vain.
Writing all these words, when I can't even explain.

Demon speaking on both the shoulders,
He has all my files and folders.
Can't control my thoughts, can't control my breathing.
Can feel someone choking my throat, am just fucking screaming.

Struggling not to die,
I can't even say a good bye.
Who knows what day would be my last,
Aaaagh ! my breathing again now is quite fast.

Connected to life but can't see the connection,
Hey, wanna go to the hell,
but O' Satan where's the selection ??
Writing, can't really do it,
Living, don't even want it.

Feeling numb, yet feeling the pain.
Crying, eyes so blurry, can't see the pen.
Mind so giddy, can't concentrate.
Oh to perish, I'm so desperate.