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Just Come To My Grave

*Just come to my grave*:

I know sometimes I get mad,
I know it is called as a daydream.
I know you are not listening to me,
No matter how loudly I scream.

My heart is not ready to accept,
Your memories are haunting my soul.
To keep you alive in my every part,
I killed myself as a whole.

I never asked too much,
Just craved for your presence.
So many people around,
Yet I just focus on your absence.

I know we are not meant to be together,
But I still miss you everyday.
Leaving was never allowed you said,
But unexpectedly you didn't stay.

I thought I'll be okay someday,
I forgot that a part in me died.
I did every possible thing to not think of you,
Till the end I tried,till the end I cried.

You made me a writer,you made me a reader,
You made me happy,you made me sad.
Now I am all alone on this way of darkness,
You were all I had.

The day I leave forever,
I know for you things will be the same.
Just come to my grave and write your initials,
So what if I can not live with you here,atleast I can die hugging your name.