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Happy Diwali

A little girl

shining brown skin

hands outstretched, clenching metal coins.

She wanted 'parle kiss me'

the shop-keeper busied himself.

She stood there in silence

metal coins clattering in her fist,

her chestnut almond eyes met mine,

small face wandering with tight lips.

I held her gaze, locked in mine;

smiled and waved her a 'hii'.

Her innocent eyes flickered 

and returned me a wave.

I must say she looked more beautiful

with that contrast of white teeth

on her bronze face.

Both of us gleamed when I said,

“Happy Diwali”

That cute lil stranger wished 

me back in full delight

and that's how this story ends

with that girl unwrapping her sweet 

bouncing away from the shop

and I sat back thinking

somebody smiled because of me,

how better this festive day can be?