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Getting lower and lower, day by day, 

Getting frustated and tensed, 

And don't know what to say. 

The day has come, just say 'ouch';

Day without a single penny in the pouch. 


Getting harder to live the domestic life-

With the sharp end on neck, 

Of expensive world's knife. 

Always emits balls of fire. 

From the business fortune, who is a liar. 


Betraying like a badluck host, 

Seems like the profits are far away lost. 

Drown in the ocean of hurting frowns:

But every life has got ups and downs. 

He is losing his hope, 

Just like foam loses from soap. 


Anger on his eyebrows:

Can shower at any blow. 

Stress has attacked his only soul, 

Left the venture with a large hole. 

Days are passing with sleepless nights;

Tensions are bluring his sights.  


Not able to rectify, 

What is wrong and what is right, 

Every problem is touching the height:

And solutions have gone somewhere in flight. 

No one left to be by his side;

Everyone is busy with their own money to hide. 

Expenses are speedly climbing the stair, 

No one to let the sorrows share, 

The day is not so far, 

To taste the life's sour, 

Sour of poverty! 

Making every paisa worthy. 


Left all broken from inside out, 

Who is gonna cheer up and pout;

Who is been betryed by the family of his own, 

Living alone like a lone man show, 

Being kicked by every road's rock, 

Leaving in a deep long shock. 

Has got three little hearts to feed:

All is left to cry on feet, 

Feets are barely able to stand upright, 

Loads of payments are clutching him tight. 

Business affairs are supressing

With every single day dying. 

All I want to say how;

“Crucial are those papers?”