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Hey Susan, many congratulations on your great initiative” FEATURED POEM OF THE WEEK”, Glad to mention my entry.

Utter world under dark,

Urge of a spark.

Clouds of uncertainty,

Engulfing every vicinity!

Snatching away freedom,

Taking away happiness.

Beings are in a mess,

Wanna be back in harness!

Try and figure out change,

In indoors, there is a range.

Tighten your shoe lace,

And focus on the race.

Time to show some courage,

Without bringing that rage!

Solitary on your stance,

And mask on your face.

Precaution is the remedy,

Against the deadliest malady!

Healthy and nutritional diets,

Are other ways to fight.

Stick to the basics,

Without being shy,

And say corona bye!