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<p>Thank you for submitting your poem for consideration.  You have chosen a very current and meaningful topic for your poem and I very much enjoyed reading it.  I will be announcing the selected poem in my newsletter and on the Featured Poem page at www.poetladykatz.com on Friday.  Have a very lovely day, Susan</p>


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People Around Us

<p>People around us are of different types<br />Some are black and some are white<br />Despite that they share their vibes</p>
<p>Their future is very "Bright" <br />And they never attempt "fight"</p>
<p>They are very "caring". And always believe in "sharing"</p>
<p>Their living is very "peaceful"<br />That's why they are so "blissful"</p>
<p>My surrounding is my "Pride" Because there is a fragrance of love "inside".</p>