Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): I am a part of you….

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I am a part of you….

Though I lead a busy life,

But still I am a part of you

From waking up in the morning,

Till I fall asleep at night,

I am a part of you….

I wonder how I admire you, 

Your magnificent beauty,

Your dazzling eyes,

And the marvelous personality.

All breathtaking at once.

What does love feel like?

I got the answer when I became,

A part of you….

The aroma of love,

pleasant and soulful,

A feeling that is only for you.

I realise every now and then,

I am a part of you….

I came to know myself,

More than ever; since I got you 

The feeling is so satisfying,

When something reminds me of you.

The intense feeling of deep affection,

The passion of your love,

I think I getting lost in you day by day 

And every day I'm getting more crazy for you. 

This is how, ” I am a part of you….”