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We wanna Fight

We gonna fight

To make it right

It's never been 

And it's never gona right

Until we start from tonight

We gonna fight

To make it right.


Everyone is up to display their might

Rout others and insure their rise

High and high to pluck the prize

Sense of belongingness never in their sight

Just few came to hold me tight

Made me believe everything wanna be right 

We gonna fight

To make it right.


It's hard to believe that humanity is still alive

Support and care can be a choice

At the same time we can be crazy and nice

Believing not everyone will turn like a dice

In this world full of lions we can be little mice 

Infact it's better to live happily then to roar with pride

We wanna fight 

To make it right


Our growth may be slow

Today, we might be considered as level of low

Slow; but one day we will glow

For those prizeholders it will be a blow

There intentions were not enough to stop our flow …