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i am here

We were friends since childhood

I don’t know if it had to any good

He may be sometime rude

But he is the best I have that I finally conclude

And then I learn how to love a guy

Secretly as the years goes by

We grow up together and I just cant deny

Rending my feeling and leave it dry

He may be a geek

He may be a Holmes freak

He may be a huge magnet of chick

But in my heart he is the only one I seek,

And then one day when we were at school land

We spent the time hand in hand

We had fun oh so grand

Never had I thought I would loose him unplanned

He saw a man near a coaster

He bid good bye I thought its blither

And since that time I didn’t see him again

He call and say he will be back but when?

When will I see again his face

I want to see him but he say he has a case

He become missing without a trace

I miss him minutes, hours and days

And then one day a case for my father came

He show up like he still has fame

He solve the mystery just like the same

He beat the bad guy in his own game

At last I saw him again just like that

I wanted to cry but he will say I have gone mad,

After all the mystery that someone begat

He told me something he is so serious at

“please wait for me “he said

He told me like he will again go ahead

And I was right he just flew again

Leaving me again like an airhead

Tears fell from my eyes straight

But because I believe he is my fate

And he is the one I cant hate

So I will keep my promise and wait

I don’t know why he is always leaving

I know their got to be something

So for now for the one I am loving

I am here and I will be waiting

Even if it will take him forever

I am here to face that terror