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The unanswered question

Is it about finding your tribe or is it about mixing with tribe?
The question is impatiently waiting to be answered
Why am I not able to blend in even after constant efforts?
Is there something wrong with the way I am?
Maybe I subconsciously distance myself from others
Making it impossible for them to like me
Deep down, I desperately want them to know
I am not the terrible person they think I am

Apologies and clarifications are weighing me down
Cruel judgements is not something I can deal with anyomore
Desperately hoping for a break from all of it
How long will I have to wait for a companion
To share all my unsaid feelings and thoughts
Shall I embark in a journey of discovery?
Through it all, I may find someone I have been looking for
Maybe there will never be that person to breath life into me
Shall I make the best of what I have?
Start to open up with those that have insulted me
Hoping they will one day treat me right

Questions are plenty but the answers are still nowhere to be found
Tired of waiting for my questions to be answered, a miracle to take place
Nothing but a complete waste of time and my life
I should go on a journey, to see what the future holds for me
Happy if it works out and even if it doesn't
I would never let sadness consume me anymore
I will fight, fight and fight again
An answer may be around the corner
Maybe I'm just not able to see it yet