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I am not what you think!

I am not what you think!

People are sure on strolls,
To pass on the critical judgement,
I am no more than a pursuer,
Swirling over my lifeless goals!
I won't let people to judge me,
I judge my own self through time,
Breaking through the walls of nine,
Clashing around with flashing intrepid efforts!
What are you souls staring at?
It's me who mould my own future,
Relishing my life of truce as becoming mature,
Alas! It's not a story about you judge,
Dear, I am the heroine of my own story,
Bestowing the enternal glory!
Every one are the main characters,
Of their own respective life too,
It's not about what others think,
It matters how you think about yourself passionately!
– Swetha